The Search for Gold, Silver, Platinum Groups & Gemstones


Over 30 years, W. Dan Hausel published over 660 papers, books & maps - here are a few:

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Dan Hausel stands alone in history for mineral discoveries:

(1) One of the members of the discovery team of Donlin Creek, Alaska, a giant gold deposit of 39.5 million ounces,

(2) Discoverer of the Rattlesnake Hills gold district, Wyoming (a major gold district with some gold deposit containing >1 million ounces),

(3) Discoverer of the Wyoming iolite gemstone deposits (a couple of the largest colored gemstone deposits in the world including Palmer Canyon, Owen Creek, Grizzly Creek and Raggedtop deposits potentially hosting >2.7 trillion carats!),

(4) hundreds of other gold and gem deposits

(5) Hundreds of diamond deposits;

(6) Recognized the significance of the Cedar Ridge opal-agate field including discovery of the first fire and precious opals in Wyoming;

(7) Discoverer of the Puzzler Hill nickel-palladium-gold deposit;

(8) Several ruby and sapphire deposits, peridot and more.

So many discoveries were made that it will be years before they can all be assessed.

His love for prospecting and geological mapping brought a new understanding of the complex geology of the Wyoming Province. As a research geologist, he mapped the great majority of the hard rock mining districts and greenstone belts in Wyoming (Rattlesnake Hills, Cooper Hill, South Pass, Lewiston, Miners Delight, Atlantic City, Seminoe Mountains, Copper Mountain) and all of the diamond districts (State Line kimberlite district, Iron Mountain kimberlite district, Middle Sybille Creek kimberlite district and Leucite Hills lamproite field) producing dozens of geological maps covering >1,000 km2. And while working for DiamonEx Ltd, discovered >300 cryptovolcanic structures - many are likely kimberlites.

Many of these discoveries have already been published in various books and papers. But more will soon see print.

GOLD - Field Guide for Prospectors & Geologists (Wyoming Examples).  Gold deposits & prospects in the Wyoming and nearby areas.

Anticipated to be a 2-Volume Series. Volume 1 - Wyoming (2011)

Volume 2. Western US & Alaska (2013)





 MOUNTAIN OF GOLD - The stories, the searches, the discoveries, the bureaucrats & the insight into how one geologist was able to find so many mineral deposits. Expected publication date - 2014.