The Search for Gold, Silver, Platinum Groups & Gemstones



Wyoming may be one of the more overlooked gemstone & gold terrains in the world. Based on past gold production statistics, Wyoming produced 50 to 200 times less gold than all of the state's that surround it.  Did the gold veins know where the state boundaries were located?  Of course not!  This, and the fact that Wyoming has all of the characteristics for a major gold province tells me that Wyoming has been overlooked - something I believe I've been able to prove!

Over a few decades, I identified several hundred gold anomalies, discovered & identified significant gold deposits & even identified major (if not world-class) gold deposits in Wyoming. After I identified the Rattlesnake Hills as a gold district in 1981 & 1982, it took nearly 30 years for a company to finally drill deep enough to interesect a major gold deposit at depth that is now being compared to Cripple Creek. This is a very exciting discovery that could have been made 30 years ago if the Wyoming Geological Survey and University of Wyoming would have supported research to this effect.

Wyoming has many potential gold and gemstone targets that have continued to be overlooked. Even so, because of this work, Wyoming has finally been recognized as the top gemstone state in the country. Not only is it rich in gemstones, the state is a paradise for Rock Hounds and it encloses several other probable major gold, palladium and rare earth deposits, a world-class diamond province, the largest colored gemstone deposits on earth, and a major copper-porphyry province that is comparable to the Arizona porphyries.

So, do you want a gold mine in Wyoming?

In addition to the Rattlesnake Hills (where I identified dozens of targets), I found significant precious metals mineralization at Mineral Hill, Black Butte, Laramie Mountains, Sierra Madre, Medicine Bow Mountains, Seminoe Mountains, Absaroka Mountains, and in the South Pass region of the Wind River Mountains. Unfortunately, one of the better gold deposits in Wyoming, that is very likely a multi-million ounce gold deposit was withdrawn by the State Legislature and made into a park - the Carissa mine. But this is not the only significant gold deposit at South Pass or in Wyoming, there are many others.

Thus, in our book, just released in September 2011, my son Eric and I write about all of these gold deposits and tell you - the geologist, prospector, rock hound and layman, how to find gold and where hundreds of gold deposits and anomalies are found in Wyoming and adjacent areas. So grab your gold pan and our book, and you may end up with the next Homestake mine. And while you are prospecting, you may need an additional book to identify any rubies, sapphires, diamonds, etc that you find in Wyoming.